Bond Marketing Services

When it comes to public finance, underwriting accomplishes only half the goal. We feature one of the best marketing teams in the business to help ensure that there is a market for the bonds we underwrite.

Trade Desk
The trading desk performs a delicate balancing act, determining an attractive rate for the issuer and a competitive rate for the investor. Traders connect daily with retail and institutional investors, and regional and national trading desks. Through these connections we create an economic benefit for our clients.

The trading desk also assists issuers in managing the investment and reinvestment of bond proceeds to maximize investment income, which can be a benefit in controlling project costs and interest expense.

Sales Desk
To ensure that our clients have the broadest possible market for their bonds, we have relationships with institutional buyers nationwide. Additionally, given our leadership role in underwriting bonds, investors frequently turn to Ameritas Investment Corp. to purchase bonds.

Administrative Support
Detailed and thorough support is crucial to our successful Public Finance department. Bond issues and other public finance transactions are closely scrutinized and highly regulated. Our experienced administrative staff works closely with our underwriters and customers to provide the support needed for these essential functions.