Public Finance

Our public finance professionals provide financing solutions to fund public improvements. Their knowledge helps community leaders raise the necessary capital through a bond issue to enhance the quality of life in Nebraska communities, as well as those in neighboring states. Clients include government and not-for profit organizations such as school and utility districts, counties, colleges and universities, health care networks, municipalities and sanitary improvement districts.
Our team of investment bankers has developed areas of expertise, including:

Ameritas Public Finance plays an important role in community development by managing and marketing bond issues for cities of all sizes.

Health Care
We have underwritten bonds for all types and sizes of health care facilities. Bonds are an important funding source for health care facilities.

School Districts
More than just underwriting and issuing bonds, Public Finance provides leadership for special elections and other issues important to school districts.

Public Power and Utilities
Although regulatory complications can arise with these bond issues, we remain dedicated to these important clients.

Sanitary Improvement, Natural Resources and Water Districts
Our Public Finance team has been active in these areas for many years and can help you evaluate and execute your financing options.

Higher Education
We have extensive experience with the unique financing issues of public and private higher education.

Special Projects
Our experience is not limited to the above categories. We are involved with specialty bond issues of all types, including Industrial Development Revenue Bonds and other nongovernmental financing.

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